Gizmodo says that Google has trademarked the word "Speedbook" for an unspecified upcoming piece of hardware. Speculators are running wild (as speculators are wont to do), positing the Speedbook may be the name of Google's upcoming tablet, a netbook running their new Chrome operating system, or something to do with Google's impending e-bookstore announcement. Hopefully, Google would have the good sense to not name an e-reader a "Speedbook." When you're trying to get someone to take your e-reader seriously as a vehicle for literature, bringing speed-reading to mind is not one of the first things you should do.

In other e-reader news, I cannot believe it took this long for someone to name their e-reader "The Literati." Sharper Image's new $160 LCD-screen reading device will reportedly have the "broadest retail footprint of any eReader," including stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and J.C. Penney. This means you'll probably be seeing a few of them in public after Christmas.

Related: The winner of today's e-reader headline contest goes to Technologizer's "New Kindle Is Selling Like an Unspecified Number of Hotcakes." (Via Daring Fireball.)