Two days ago, KOMO TV aired a news piece in which reporter Ray Lane delivered this explosive tidbit:

Dino Rossi's campaign says Murray, and other Democrats, are spending recklessly on the VA.

It instantly became a big fucking deal because in politics, and in this race in particular, veterans' issues are a big fucking deal. Was Rossi saying we spend too much on veterans? Was Murray right to hold a conference call yesterday in which she slammed Rossi for apparently not believing, as Murray does, that "caring for our veterans is a cost of war"? Or was Rossi's campaign correct in saying KOMO had gotten the story very, very wrong? (“Never has that ever been uttered," Rossi spokesperson Erin Daly said of the "spending recklessly" line.)

While KOMO didn't respond to multiple requests for comment yesterday, the station did quietly put up this raw and uncut video of its interview with Rossi surrogate on veterans issues Deryl McCarthy. The station added:

KOMO News stands by its story, which aired Tuesday. But readers are invited to decide for themselves whether McCarthy's comments accuse Murray and other lawmakers of spending recklessly.

I've watched the whole clip, and "spending recklessly" was not, in fact, uttered by McCarthy. He does, however, suggest (starting at about 4:25) that money is currently being spent on veterans "willy-nilly" (which one could argue is a synonym for "recklessly") and adds that Rossi's first step on this issue, if elected, would be to stop or slow spending on veterans so that it can all first be evaluated for effectiveness.

But don't take my word for it. This is a politician vs. politician vs. TV station fight in need of swift adjudication, and what better way to adjudicate than with an infallible, scientifically accurate, and legally binding Slog poll?

Who fucked up here? KOMO for reporting that Rossi's surrogate on veterans' issues said "spending recklessly" when, in fact, he didn't? Or Rossi's campaign, for sending out a surrogate on veterans' issues who said something equivalent to "spending recklessly"?