I am disturbd by this naked pic bribing you openly admittd & encouraged recently. It reveals yr favoritism/elitism system... ..elitism system & yr corruptd nature! You dont need critics to discredit yr "advice." you done it yrslf. You are Mr Sanctimoney!


My response after the jump...


I cannot tell a lie: enclosing a nude pic—good nude, bad nude, boy nude, girl nude—sometimes jumps a letter to the front of the line. But only sometimes, 509. Letters with naked pics arrive in my inbox every day. I could run nothing but letters from readers who were kind and/or cruel enough to enclose dirty pics of themselves or their partners—week-in, week-out, 52 weeks a year. OPA's letter in this week's column is the first letter-with-pic that's appeared in the column in ages. Cut me some slack.

And running your letter, 509, allows me to openly encourage other readers to enclose a digital photos with their emails. No mysterious sores, please, no hard-to-identify discharges. And if your ass has seen better days, well, send me a pic taken during better days.

Slogging through hundreds of emails a day gets... tedious... and the odd pic or two (doesn't even have to be you) brightens the day and lightens the workload. And, hey, it might get your letter to the front of the line.

And if you don't like it, 509, you could file charges with the professional body that governs my so-called profession... if there was a professional body that governed my so-called profession. But there isn't, 509, so you'll just have to go suck it, take pics of yourself sucking it, and send 'em in.