When I first read that headline I was all "No!" but then I thought about it for a second. And even though I'll probably be well into my 30s when the shoes are actually available, I FUCKING WANT THEM. has the scoop:

Now, Nike has actually patented a self-lacing sneaker. This, you are no doubt just realizing, is completely frickin’ amazing: It’s entirely possibly that these shoes could actually be in stores in the year 2015, just like in the movie. This would be a weird, time-warping paradox so perfectly mimicking those in the Back to the Future movies that the world might possibly end.

That Nike have filed a patent for these things is mind-bending enough, but pretty much everything has made it in. The shoes will of course fasten themselves, but there are also LEDs a-glowing and a detailed breakdown of the batteries, circuits and control-systems. There is even a charging stand.

Read more and see the patent application (if you're an uber-nerd) here.

(Thanks for the nerdy tip, Bryce.)