Meth use in Seattle gay men: "Here in King County, about 10 percent of gay and bisexual men used crystal meth in a given year... These rates are twice as high in men under the age of 30. And gay men who use meth are among the highest risk for contracting HIV."

A demagogue's tribute to Martin Luther King: Or, a preview of the upcoming Glenn Beck rally in D.C.

Also in preparation: Beck does 16 minutes on why Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.

Republicans about to win the House? Democrats in D.C. are worrying.

In Alaska: The Tea Party candidate is still leading Murkowski.

In Washington's 2nd Congressional District: A Republican County Councilman leads Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen.

In Washington's 3rd Congressional District: Republican Jamie Herrera leads Democrat Denny Heck in the U.S. House race, 54 to 41.

One in ten: Mortgage holders facing foreclosure.

But new jobless claims: Are dropping.

Cinerama: Closing for two months.

And yesterday there was some discussion of the best live performance ever. Fnarf believes it's this, and if you disagree, he's "sorry you are deaf and don't know what songs sound like."