It might be meaningful to connect BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill (it went on and on) with this situation...

"To drill through solid rock of 700m a hole of 66cm takes a lot of time. It's not as easy as in the movies," Chile's Mining Minister Laurence Golborne told the BBC.

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"This is not a movie, it is real life."

The minister said that engineers were working to try to speed the process and that the realistic period of time to rescue the men would be between three to four months.

And this one:

A massive traffic jam in China has slowed vehicles to a crawl for nine days near Beijing, local media say.

Vehicles, mostly lorries bound for Beijing, are in a queue for about 100km (62 miles) because of heavy traffic, road works and breakdowns.

The drivers have complained that locals were over-charging them for food and drink while they were stuck.

In much the same way that capitalism restlessly separates society into two basic classes (the very rich and the very poor), it is also separates time into two basic speeds (very fast and very slow).

For an example of very fast capitalism, we turn to the masters of the universe, the masters of Wall Street:

Ordinal notation high-frequency trading algorithms, also called ordinal arbitrage systems, pit their strategies against similar algorithmic opponents on electronic exchanges for a few fleeting seconds, during which thousands of trades are executed, including exploratory trades that test the strategies of opposing human and machine traders.

The monetary advantage of the current strategy is rapidly exhausted after a lifetime of approximately four seconds—an eternity for a machine, but barely enough time for a human to begin to comprehend what happened. The algorithm then switches to another trading strategy of higher ordinal rank, and uses this for a few seconds on one or more electronic exchanges, and so on, while opponent algorithms attempt the same maneuvers, risking billions of dollars in the process.

In a similar way, the terrifically complicated formulas of cosmologists have transformed a second of time (the second of the universe's birth) into an eternity of time.
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What to file this post as? Cosmic Marxism.