Board game geeks don't quite have holochess yet, but we're getting closer. Local tech and VC blogger John Cook recently posted some great, nerdly video of a prototype Settlers of Catan game on the Microsoft Surface:

(If you're not familiar with the Microsoft Surface, it's basically a gigantic, ill-fated iPad that costs $12,500. If you're not familiar with Settlers of Catan, it's basically the gateway drug to all real board games.)

It's not clear when Settlers on Surface will be released, but if you're one of the 60,000-odd people going to PAX on Labor Day weekend, you might be able to catch a hands-on demo. (Just as Pax East had a D&D Surface demo.)

Until then, the closest you can probably get to Millennium Falcon-style gaming is non-holochess on the Surface at Hotel 1000. The Sheraton also has one in their lobby, but they don't have BOKA's happy hour burger with truffle fries.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.