I asked Tina what she thought about Ken's big epiphany...

My two cents—and public if you want—If Ken wants to get on the road to recovery from being a hater, then he needs to start publically acknowledging that he had/has a problem, and take responsibility for his actions.

I’d be willing to give Kenny some leeway if he started there—that he completely acknowledges that he authored and participated in actions that were heinous and harmed millions of LGBT people in the US and around the world. That it was wrong. And that he realizes that. And that he’s going to do something about that every day for the rest of his life—beyond throwing one fancy fundraiser so maybe we can get marriage equality.

Here’s the thing: I haven’t yet heard Ken on gay equality. Gays and lesbians being able to adopt? Hate Crimes? ENDA? Maybe you’ve seen something on that, but where does he stand? Is he going to publicly fight that fight and the mountain of bad laws, prejudice and violence he helped cause? Haven’t heard that yet. Ken is seemingly silent here.

If Ken is really going to do that work, and put his personal money and his time to those causes, then I would grudgingly give him a modicum of respect—after seeing lots of action on his part tho’. Until then, this just seems like a stunt so he can date in public. Heavens, why should anyone in the LGBT community or the community in general trust or embrace him now given his track record? He has to live with that and take his lumps until there is something different and real to show. He’s smart enough to know all this, and that the PR storm will die down in a few days for mainstream media. Fox News won’t speak of it again. He gets to be Mary Cheney-esque.

Right now coming out does not look like a moment of courage for Ken. It looks like a moment of personal gain and opportunity.

My considered opinion: Ken could've come out when he had a chance—a real chance—to make a difference. Now he can only make amends.