Former RNC head Ken Mehlman concluded "fairly recently" that he's gay and officially came out yesterday. Ken's epiphany came after he ran George W. Bush's gay-bashing reelection campaign in 2004, after he personally backed numerous anti-gay-marriage amendments to various state constitutions, after he backed an anti-gay marriage amendment to the US Constitution, after he came the defense of Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum, after he purchased a $4 million condo in Chelsea, and after he stopped drawing a paycheck from the Republican party. Just imagine how inconvenient Ken's epiphany would've been if had come to/on Mehlmen while he was running George Bush's 2004 reelection campaign, backing anti-gay-marriage amendments, defending Rick Santorum, etc., etc.

That would've been awkward for poor Ken. Good thing the what-makes-my-dick-hard realization only came to/on Ken after those final paychecks from the RNC cleared. Whew! You really dodged a bullet there, Ken!

And you know what's still awkward? All the money that post-epiphany Ken is donating to gay-bashing politicians.