From the AP:

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HAVANA — Fidel Castro says al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is [not was, is] a bought-and-paid-for CIA agent who always popped up when former President George W. Bush needed to scare the world, arguing that documents recently posted on the Internet prove it.

Castro said documents posted on — a website that recently released thousands of pages of classified documents from the Afghan war — "effectively proved he was a CIA agent." He did not elaborate.

Awwww... ol' man Castro is using the internet! And asserting nutty things and not elaborating, just like the old days!

The comments were published in Granma, Cuba's daily newspaper, which is about eight pages long and full of nothing. On Jan 1, 2010, the lead story of Granma—Cuba's NYT—was about Fidel's brother receiving some minister from a small island nation in the Pacific for a luncheon. Or something. Other stories were about how great Cuba is, with a back page devoted to how crappy America is. (You get the sense that every day's back page is devoted to the crappiness of America, like a comics page.)

Nobody reads the thing, of course. People on park benches, in cafes, and in bars across the country are deprived of the pleasure of enjoying a newspaper (among other serious deprivations). And the people selling Granma the loneliest-looking people in Havana.

I wonder what it's like to be Granma's political cartoonist?