USA economy: Grew at a worrying 1.6 percent in the second quarter.

USA Federal Reserve: Signalling it's ready to do more.

USA Today: Laying off 130 people and de-emphasizing its print edition.

USA babies today: Fewer being born. Wonder why?

Seattle parking tickets: The city issued half a million in 2009, bringing in $18.4 million, and expects to make even more as pay-to-park stations flood neighborhoods.

Whatever, I'll just get my doctor to give me a disabled parking permit: Nope. They'll hide in the hedges and get you.

If the GOP wins the House: It's planning a ton of White House investigations, involving everything from the Black Panther Party to the bailouts.

Boeing: Delaying delivery of Dreamliner.

Trapped Chilean miners: Send up a video.

100,000: Expected at the Glenn Beck march on Washington.

And, wading into our week-long debate over the best live performance ever, Slog commenter Irena says you all need to click right here, right now, while Ignatz Mouse says Fnarf needs to get a grip with his Go-Betweens nonsense and start watching this at 1:55: