Donato Mancini is the writer-in-residence at Pilot Books today. Go and ask him where he gets his ideas from. After Mancini is done writing and residencing, Stephen Collis will give a reading at Pilot this evening. Collis has written at least three books of poetry (Google is unsure about the exact number of books), including Mine and Anarchive.

And then down at the Central Library this afternoon, it's time for Alan Boyle. Boyle, who is a "nationally known science blogger" and author of The Case for Pluto, argues that Pluto is a planet and not some dumb asteroid or some shit.

The full readings calendar, including the next week or so, is here. And if you're planning on staying in and you're looking for personalized book recommendations, feel free to tell me the books you like and ask me what to read next over at Questionland.