Top Afghani prosecutor accuses Karzai of firing him for refusing to stop corruption inquiries. Apparently Karzai kept "stalling and stalling and stalling" the cases.

People fleeing from huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia. Mount Sinabung began to spew lava shortly after midnight.

Japanese become bold. Throw tantrums.

More than 300,000 turn up for Glenn Beck "rally to restore America" yesterday.

Medical marijuana users get fired from work. Even though they are taking drugs that are legal.

The New York Times covers Seattle's jazz scene. Check out the cool slideshow here.

Twenty marine animals to land in Puget Sound. They will guard the waters of Hood Canal against the Al Qaeda and other dangerous enemies.

Seattle Public Schools and teachers union get closer to an agreement about new teacher contracts. The sticking point is whether student test scores should be used to evaluate teachers.

All Seattle public libraries will stay closed from tomorrow through Sept. 5. Blame the city-wide budget cuts. The closures will help save $650,000.

Amanda Knox wants to become a writer and adopt babies. if she gets freed.