I realize, of course, that not all straight women have a problem with porn. There are lots of straight women out there who watch porn and enjoy it—your letters have been received!—and lots of straight women who don't enjoy porn but don't object to their partners watching a little porn. But of the people who do give a shit... and do have a problem... and do object... most of them seem to be straight women. Like this woman.

First, props to Ellie for telling this woman—this nut—that her husband's rare use of porn is no measure of his feelings for her. But I'm guessing that he described his interest in porn as a "problem," Ellie, because he knows that porn-as-addiction is the only explanation that will mollify the controlling, castrating, completely batshit woman he regrets marrying.

This is a woman who admits to having thrown a porn incident that happened "years ago" in her husband's face whenever they argue. About anything. Bitch be crazy. Here's hoping they do separate and that he gets his balls back in the divorce settlement.