The suspense nearly broke Twitter this morning. At least, the Washington State Department of Transportation was trying to whip up some anticipation on Twitter:

Huge announcement to share today. Very, very excited about this one and we think you are gonna love it too. #buildingsuspensetweet

You ready for the announcement yet? #waitforit #canthardlystandit

And then, there it was, the launch of a WSDOT iPhone app that promises "statewide traffic cameras and high priority travel alerts, mountain pass reports, northbound Canadian border wait times, ferry schedules and alerts as well as real time ferry locations."

But the first users were not impressed. Here's a representative review:

Was expecting so much better than this.
by broseph23

I've been waiting for this app for a long time. Seattle Freeways is way better than this. Needs multitasking support, better UI, retina display support throughout, get rid of ugly start image, and better flow maps. Integrate the cameras into the maps like Seattle freeways.

And then a fellow on Twitter—he goes by Felchin—was going off in a merciless condemnation. "If you're not going to best what's already out there, why even try?" Apparently the king of the hill is still Seattle Freeways.