Over here, the coach says that losing an exhibition game to the Vikings this weekend still contained "a lot of real positive things." What a nice coach! He doesn't want to make the Seahawks feel bad—that's sweet. Especially considering that they scored, then (probably because they were all excited) they immediately let the other team score, which I understand is not good American-football-playing but is completely understandable.

But, more to the point, over here, the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil says (along with a lot of stuff I do not at all understand) of the Seahawks' preseason, "This running game is going nowhere fast... Doesn't matter who's running the ball for Seattle, it's going to be slow going."

And is it me, or are the Seahawks a little late to respond over here? There is a motherfucking snake in the cooler, and yet they (almost to a man) look like they're in slow motion.

The Seahawks: Prepare for the slowness.