Inexpert Opinion: The Seahawks


Hey, remember when you guys had writers who were knowledgeable about things like football?
Wow. This is why Slog should stay the fuck away from anything sports (other then commie-soccer) related.

If you're going to critique the Hawks - and god knows, they have some problems - at least do a good job of it and pretend you know what you're talking about.
This is like hearing my mom talk about football. Earl Thomas is not slow. Win Forever!
You guys should cover the Sounders.
I heard a sports report a week or so ago that most teams running games are more and more becoming a thing of the past. The talking heads were doing compares of Walter Payton and some other RB. . .Emmitt Smith I think. . . against what's passing as a running back in today's game compared to back in their day.
Altho' I agree, Thomas did great in pre-season - now just keep it up for regular season. Go Hawks!
Pre-season doesn't mean shit (or at best, it barely means shit) but I still love to see my home state Vikings actually do something good!

Now if only they could find a way to stop choking in the playoffs...
@4 They have covered the Sounders a number of times in the past. Frizzelle was really into them during the inaugural season, but that seems to have dropped off a bit this year. Or at least they aren't writing about it.

BJC: I think O'Neil is referring to the offensive line's development in a zone blocking system with the "slow going" remark. Leon Washington, for example, is one of the fastest guys on the team, but if the blocking isn't there, where's he gonna run to? I realize that probably makes no sense to you, but there it is.

@ 7 - I don't even think Frizzelle made it through all of last season.
The point is...the Vikings are predicted to be really good and the Seahawk defense did really well in the first part of the game. Really well! Later on when they brought in other players the team blew their lead and lost but at that point no one was really keeping score anymore since the players playing are not going to be on the team when the season starts. Now, the offense seems a little rusty but the pieces do seem to be coming together. Too bad backup QB Charlie Whitehurst didn't look as good as he did in his first series with the team.
I find this post very endearing.

The Seahawks could be very bad, or they could be just below average.

Just below average would win the division.
Soccer needs more ice.
Oh,and....Go Hawks
BJC and Danny O'Neil have something in common. They are both restaurant reviewers trying to pass themselves off as sports reporters.