This morning brings questions from two readers.

From Rochelle:

I was wondering if there was ever a follow-up to the story about the wedding of two people who met at Burning Man who had asked guests to pay for entry and had given wristbands to a few guests to get into a separate room where food was actually provided. I think it started as an I, Anonymous but then The Stranger received an invitation from the bride. Has that wedding happened yet? If so, could you send me a link to the follow-up story? I'm dying to know what happened! Thanks!

And from Heidi:

I'm just curious as to how the broody hen is doing.

Rochelle: Paul Constant attended the Burner Wedding and wrote about it here.

Heidi: Thank you for inquiring about Broody Hen Watch 2010. Jake's doing something close to what commenter Good Vagina suggested, locking the broody hen out of the (warm, dark) coop during the day, which pisses her off, and is supposed to work. (Right now, she's being physically stopped from brooding, but hasn't again started laying. Also, Broody Henwatch is a good name for a British lady who solves mysteries.)