Today, the city pledged to commit $30,000 over the next four months to the Seattle Housing and Resource Effort (SHARE), a shelter group that provides beds for Seattle's homeless, after the group announced earlier this month that it would have to close 11 of 15 shelters in Seattle due to lack of funds.

But the funds come with stipulations: SHARE must keep their shelters operational through December of this year, and work with city officials—and a consultant approved by the city's Human Services Department—to develop a financial plan with fund-raising strategies in order to address their seemingly chronic financial issues.

"We're working with them to improve their ability to serve Seattle's homeless," says Aaron Pickus, spokesman for the mayor. "Over the long-term, developing a financial plan will increase their capacity to offer beds to more homeless people."

In the short term, $30,000 dollars will allow SHARE to increase its capacity from 264 to 271 beds through December of this year, according to the mayor's office.

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