On the heels of the "success" of Glenn Beck's 8/28 rally, Beck has launched a conservative Huffington Post called The Blaze. (This gets confusing when you remember that the Huffington Post was intended to be a liberal response to The Drudge Report, but commenters on The Blaze's debut post seem to be eager to ditch Drudge and find a new source of online conservative news.)

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The one thing I have to give Beck's site is that it is way more attractive than the Huffington Post: Stories have clear headlines, and there is a little bit of text on the main page to guide you into the story. It's not nearly as complex as the Huffington Post, either (seriously: Have you looked at the main page of HuffPo lately? It's a spazzy, overcomplicated mess), but I expect that will change as The Blaze becomes more popular. But on the negative side of things (from a web design perspective), it's not really updated that frequently; only two new stories have been added in the last ten hours, and for a couple hours there the whole site was unavailable.

As Gawker pointed out, most of the "news" stories have something to do with Glenn Beck, and the main sponsor of the site is the Beck-endorsed Goldline. And as always, the commenters are fascinating: racist, proudly ignorant, and hyper-religious:

it is time. we get texas, alaska,the carolinas,virginia, any one island from hawaii, florida and a few grain producing states. give them the rest. they can live like they want and we can live like we want. (see me in 20 years and let me know how living in ‘community’ goes)

I learned everything I need to know about ISLAM on 9/11…

And, in a post on bed bugs:

Bring back the DDT and see those bugs disappear.

filth brings bedbugs, people coming into this country visiting, illigally, carry germs,bugs and only
god knows what else. This country is clean, In the 40-50′s bugs and childhood diseases were non-existen. now with all the border crossings, we’re back where we started