Text Wars at Oak Harbor: Teachers want to be able to seize cell phones from technological bullies; ACLU backs students' rights to cell phone privacy.

Fatal Shooting in Downtown Seattle: Police officer shoots man reportedly whittling on the street after the man ignored police orders to drop his knife, according to SPD.

Gmail Becomes Less of a Time Suck: Google unveils new priority settings for gmail today.

Drill Like the Wind: Work in Chile begins to free 33 miners trapped in a mine, resulting from an August 5 landslide. Government officials say it will still take another three to four months to reach them via big-ass drill.

HIV Discrimination in China: Chinese court will hear its first HIV discrimination case, involving an HIV-positive man who was denied a teaching job after a medical screening revealed his status.

We are a Fickle People: A new poll shows that opposition to public health care reform is growing among Americans, which could hurt Dems in the midterm elections. Respondents to the poll listed health care as the third most important factor in deciding how they’ll vote this fall, right after the economy and “dissatisfaction with government.”

I Don't Get It: Bristol Palin joins Dancing with the Stars cast. Remind me, how is she a star again?

Bonuses Come Early on Wall Street: Big bankers scheme to dodge Obama's increased tax rates, which are expected in January.

"La Barbie" Captured in Mexico: An alleged drug lord with a $2 million bounty on his head, who is reportedly tied to many execution-style, drug-related slayings outside of Mexico City, has been captured by Mexican police.

Lady Clinton and Her Silver Tongue: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton prepares to hone her negotiating skills on Thursday by brokering peace between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. (No biggie. It'll just take an hour or two.)