The paper changes course and agrees to accept paid wedding announcements from same-sex couples. And the online outcry helped:

There has been quite a lot written online recently about a practice of this news organization to not accept same-sex marriage announcements. Today we are changing that practice and setting the record straight on our approach generally toward gay and lesbian issues.

The “Celebrations” page of the Omaha World-Herald has provided a place to buy space to celebrate weddings, engagements, anniversaries and birthdays. It will continue to be just that. Celebrations announcements regarding legal weddings, engagements for legal weddings or anniversaries of a legal marriage will be welcomed, regardless of the genders of the couple. We will not run announcements regarding commitment ceremonies, partnerships and other non-marriage unions, again regardless of gender.... Our sense is that this change will provide for a public “celebration” of important milestones in the lives of people who take the significant steps toward legally sanctioned marriage. Iowa and four other states as well as the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriages. We will publish Celebrations announcements of marriages from those jurisdictions.

And yes, trolls, these little things—being able to purchase a wedding announcement, attend your prom, shop for granite—do matter. A powerful feedback loop exists between seemingly trivial injustices and deeply profound injustices. If you take the big ones seriously you can't let the little ones slide.