And it shouldn't be hard to guess who he's here raising money for: Republican Senate hopeful Dino Rossi, whose campaign has lately been saying things like:

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Remember, if they can do it Massachusetts, we can certainly do it here!

Rossi's campaign didn't respond to a request for more information about Brown's appearance (I hear it's just a closed-door fundraiser) but in honor of the visit let's consider a few key differences between Rossi and Brown:

One, Brown voted for Wall Street Reform in the U.S. Senate while Rossi has said he wants to repeal the bill.

Two, while working class hero Brown famously drove a pickup truck around Massachusetts during his successful Senate run, the last time I saw real estate investor Rossi getting out a vehicle, it was a hybrid SUV.

And three, this is a younger Dino Rossi...


...while this is a younger Scott Brown: