—a site devoted to female troubles and powered by raw estrogen—recently polled their audience and found that 48.6 percent of women would drink while pregnant. The poll didn't mention whether these pregnant women would drink in public or not—just that more women are open to the idea of drinking while pregnant.

I have never been pregnant, but if you've got a built-in drinking buddy, it sounds pretty rad. But here's the thing: all the pregnant ladies I know say that if you're pregnant and you drink in public, you get nervous, pitying looks from people—as if you are actively killing your fetus's one brain cell.

"The only way to enjoy yourself is to drink alone, in the bathroom, like your alcoholic uncle does," one pregnant friend told me. Now I'm feeling confused and judgmental. Maybe my friends are hysterical and paranoid that society is judging them. Maybe society is judging them. Maybe my friends are pregnant alcoholics.

Help me out. Is it now socially acceptable for pregnant ladies to drink?