• James Yamasaki
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Young People vs. Bob Dylan! ("I think I'm being pretty generous to the guy. He's got some great songs, but these days, whatever he's doing, not very many people seem to be hearing about it.")

Courtney Love vs. Courtney Love! ("Having perused several pages of Google search results for "Hole 2010 concert review," I can surmise that there are three basic flavors of Courtney-Love-on-tour-in-2010: 1. Inexhaustible Psycho Mess Courtney, 2. Boring Botox Robot Courtney, 3. Crazy Lightning-Rod of Brilliance Courtney")

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Weezer vs. No Longer Young People! ("If Cuomo had gone into hiding for good, he would've been revered as a god, worshipped on a par with Neutral Milk Hotel hermit Jeff Mangum or the late recluse J. D. Salinger. Instead, Weezer returned with 2001's self-titled "Green Album.")

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