Today In Sarah Palin


Refudiate that poll!
poor Dan-
he wants Sarah sooooooo bad it hurts......
What scares me is that there is even 36% of the country that has a favorable opinion of that psyco bitch.
As I read about Palin's demagoguery, I am struck more by the lack of rebuttal to her extremist nonsense than I am about her. Where is the answer to all her lies? Why does nobody challenge her politcal hacks? She uses a lot of platitudes, keeping it simple for the simple minds she milks for money. On the few policy stands she takes, you never hear anyone question her virtue or sincerity. But she clearly lacks both.
The whole Sarah Palin phenomenon is quite fascinating. She has only been on the national scene for two years and only got there by a rather random and not well thought out decision of John McCain. (Who himself ended up the Republican nominee almost by accident.)

It is fitting that the Palins are making the rounds of reality TV. She is to politicians what reality TV is to TV stars. People who get famous for seemingly no reason and have no talent worth speaking of, besides attracting attention. And neither have much to do with actual reality.

It is sad commentary on the state of our society. But like a car wreck we can't not watch.
Vince - where do you gat a lack of sincerity? I do not think she is GOP establishment pulling the wool over the eyes of her "followers" ... I think she really believes what she says, which why her "message" resonates with so many (still above the 30%).

And strangely, attacking her for not understanding the complexity of an issue seems to embolden her supporters. I'd guess this is because if they have the same view, without depth, and believe it is adequate, as they often seem to, an attack on Palin becomes an attack on them. This is where the "she is one of us" really pays off for her. And her refusal to get bogged down in the specifics, or the second level of analysis, only serves to help.
The only thing that can possibly stop Sarah Palin would be for someone to rip off her face and show it to be a lizard's skin, ala "V".
Because we as a people refuse to research issues and formulate our own opinions, we find ourselves actively seeking out the palliative KoolAid therapy that we are fed by media created celebrity.
(Hey, they're famous so they have to know better than me). And any attempts to disclose the ingredients in that KoolAid are met with disdain and outright denial.
@7: Don't be so pessimistic - look at that chart. The aggregate of polls shows Palin with an unfavourability rating of over 50%. She's at -16 favourability. The more people know about her, the less they like what they see.

The same site shows Obama's unfavourability at 44.5%, and he's +5. Not fantastic numbers and certainly on a downward trend, but compare the treatment he receives in the right-wing commentariat to Palin's in the left - which is still burdened by the desire to tell the truth. If you turned Fox News loose on Gandhi, he'd come out looking like Pol Pot. Obama's still at almost 50% favourable after the hack job done on him over the past two years, and with the burden of being the sitting president when eight year's of shitty economic management by the previous administration hits the fan. That's actually an encouraging sign.

Bottom line for me is that there are a lot of people not drinking the Palin-Aid.
Isn't this almost the exact opposite of the graph from a couple of weeks ago showing growing support for same-sex marriage? Is it possible to be encouraged by these things? Or simply less depressed?
That Vanity Fair piece is a "must read" only if you're gullible enough to buy half-baked rumors and innuendo. This shit only gives the bitch more ammunition against the "lamestream" media.
“We would literally walk across hot broken glass for this woman… She’s our family, and you protect your family; it’s like the mafia.” WHOA

key word, 'mafia'. Just as I suspected. Her supporters (mainly teabaggers) have isolated themselves that much from the rest of society. And they believe everyone else is illegitimate as a U.S. citizen, because they are the "real America".
So another scary thing about these people: does it sound like they have all citizens' best interests at heart? Absolutely fucking not. These are mean, vicious people who consider liberals, minorities, muslims, gays, non-Christians, immigrants (illegal or not, let's not kid ourselves) to be enemies within this nation's borders. Not with their mafia, family, christian taliban, whatever.

If under a Palin presidency an earthquake were to strike Seattle and we needed tons of humanitarian aid and billions for reconstruction, it's safe to assume we'll be shit out of luck. Seattle isn't really with 'the mafia.'

I mean look at this, if she TIPS people differently depending on what part of the country they work and live, imagine how she'll treat states and cities themselves differently if she becomes president. I think there is a good chance she, or someone a lot like her, will be our next president
If I were a betting man, come 2012. Sarah will run make a run for the Presidency, but not as a Republican because the only thing that will fuel her ego will be to create her own, new, political party.
Mehlman and others are trying to shift the gays into the core base and seemingly are prepared to move away from the bible thumpers. Who, will play right into Sarah's hands. She will expose all sorts of platitudes of being a champion for the working man, and Christians, blah-de-blah-blah-blah. Only because she will have no real designs on actually being the President. Fools and the Righteous (faux) will throw heaps of money at her to do so. And when all is said and done she will write more books, and fleece even more out of these same pockets. She will become richer than an 80's Televangelist, which is the true point of the exercise. Who was famed for saying, "I always say shopping is cheaper than a Psychiatrist" and "You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God."
American Christians support a woman?
Bwah hahhahaha

That's fabulous.

Sarah as the next Tammie Faye.
As an Alaskan...I can say most of us don't claim that crazy bitch! She made us the world joke. Take your loads of kids and go away!
@12: that's a good point. She's such a loose cannon she probably wouldn't put up with the republican party machine trying to tell her what to do. While I think she exhibits more negative personality traits than any person I can think of, the one thing I might actually respect her for is her 'going rogue' tendencies, not letting others telling her what to do (I think I've got that right). Although with the McCain campaign, sounds like she was extremely rude in that way, trying to defy the campaign crew when she should have realized she was damn lucky and therefore should be grateful to be picked as VP candidate.

And if she runs as a 3rd party candidate boy that would mess with the republicans, unless she stepped out of the race right before Nov 2012 & encouraged supporters to throw themselves behind Republican candidate. If she has the character to do so, which I'm guessing she doesn't, who knows.

If she fucks with the republican machine enough, a dead serious one for something like the 2012 election, they will probably take her down one way or another
just generally - WTF is with the misleading graphs, lately?? Just ... everywhere. An axis that goes from 0% to *60%*?? Why does it NOT go to 100%?!? Jesus tapdancing christ, this is journalistic fucktastrophe.