Some new oldish polling data on health care reform...

Opposition to the landmark health care overhaul declined over the past month, to 35 percent from 41 percent, according to the latest results of a tracking poll, reported Thursday. Fifty percent of the public held a favorable view of the law, up slightly from 48 percent a month ago, while 14 percent expressed no opinion about the measure, according to the poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Remember when conservatives railed against Hillarycare? I don't understand exactly what attaching the suffix "care" to the name of a politician pushing for health care reform is supposed to accomplish. Why is it an insult? Why is it presumed to be a negative? Maybe "Hillarycare" helped to derail the Clinton administration's health care reform efforts, but... hammering away at the supposed evil of Obamacare while its numbers steadily improve doesn't seem too bright. If it's popular and it's called Obamacare... then Obama winds up with the credit, right?

UPDATE: Mistakes were made—opened a whole bunch of old emails, unread, by accident, thought they waz new emails. Obamacare/Hillarycare question still in play, however. Thank you for playing Slog.