Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini said the Obama administration needs to do a lot more to help create jobs and get the economy back on track.

Otellini is also one of the first Fortune 500 CEOs to speak publicly about President Obama's newly proposed $350 billion economic recovery plan. He said that proposal, which includes tax breaks for businesses and research and development incentives, is not the right plan either.

The way Otellini sees it, Washington must decide what the industries of the future are. "We still subsidize trains and agriculture — industries of the 19th century. We should decide what's important to us going forward and make sure we've got the education system in place and the capital incentive system in place to do the investment here."

As with all of these excited tea people, where was this man's passion when Bush was in power? Where? Only now he speaks? Now he finds enough reasons to talk big? Bush did a lot to help our economy?

As for his comment about trains, can you imagine saying anything more stupid than that? Does he know anything about Europe, China, and Japan? Trains are the future of transportation, you bongo-head.