The latest from the Elway Poll:

Initiative 1053, which would require a two-thirds majority in the state legislature for any tax increase: 48 percent in favor, 27 percent against.

Initiative 1098, which would establish a "high incomes" tax: 44 percent in favor, 42 percent against.

Initiative 1107, which would repeal the tax on candy, soda pop, and bottled water: 47 percent for, 38 percent against.

Initiatives 1100 and 1105, which would privatize liquor sales in somewhat different ways. I-1100: 45 percent for, 34 percent against. I-1105: 41 percent for I-1105, 33 percent against.

Initiative 1082, which would privatize the state workers' compensation program: 31 percent for, 31 percent against.

ABOUT THIS POLL: "Telephone interviews were conducted Sept, 9-12, 2010 by live, professional interviewers with 500 likely voters selected at random from registered voter lists in Washington state. The margin of sampling error is ±4.5% at the 95% level of confidence. This means, in theory, had this same survey been conducted 100 times, the results would be within ±4.5% of the results reported here at least 95 times."