Seizing on the new $1.4 billion revenue shortfall that's being projected for Washington State, the Progress Alliance is calling on voters to reject any fall ballot initiatives that would add to our state's budget woes. Anne Martens, spokesperson for the alliance, says:

Voters have a choice this November. Do we keep taking funding away from our schools, our kids and our families or do we say enough is enough and vote no on the five ballot initiatives that would result in even further cuts.

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A state analysis found that four of this fall's ballot initiatives (1082, which would privatize the state's workers' compensation program; 1100 & 1105, which would privatize liquor sales; and 1107, which would end taxes on candy and soda) could end up taking over $1.2 billion away from state and local communities. Martens' group is against a total of five initiatives, however, as the handy visual she's passing out makes clear.

One initiative singled out by the Progress Alliance as likely to help the dire budget situation: 1098, Bill Gates Senior's effort to tax the filthy rich (as Martens' group points out, it could "help rebuild our education and health care programs by raising $2 billion each year through a limited income tax on only the wealthiest 1% of households").