If This Boehner Story Is True...


What a disaster for the GOP.

My how sweet those words are!
Dream on. The people who would vote republican don't care. They would vote for rapists, Nazis, lynch mobs. ..
I fear it goes far beyond reporting the scandal. If betting wasn't a Marxist invention used to keep the people in line, I'd bet that some homosexual liberal operative drugged Boehner to make him extra horny while the lobbyist was around. That's right! Barack Hussein Obama, the Marxist Kenyan homosexual, hired a Chicago thug to cause a phony scandal! Don't believe me? That's because the government puts fluoride in your water to stop you from thinking independently.

Luckily, the hard traditionalists have seen right through this one, and will seize a supermajority in both houses of Congress this November.

ya think, charles? vitter is going to be re-elected, after all. if a republican does it, it's not an issue.
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The snake eats its tail.

And its 79 degrees outside.
@5: I believe that the term you are looking for is "Ourobouros".
There's no question Boner has a Boner for lobbyists, the only question is if his boner popped her bubble, we already know they're in bed together.
Oh, how sad. That poor lobbyist had to resort to sexual favors in order to get Boner to push the agenda of her employers. What an ordeal. She'll probably need years of therapy... and I don't know how she's going to get all of that orange sweat off her her sheets. Yuck!
Why are you all assuming the lobbyist is FEMALE?
Regardless, if it proves true I sense a book deal.
Yes, the lobbyist is female.

Look, what part of traditional marriage don't you latte-sipping commies understand? This is what marriage is: the sacred bond between one man and one woman, and another woman on the side has nothing to do with that sacred definition.

I expect Newt Gingrich to offer up a stirring defense. Something like, "Who among us hasn't had an affair?"

And Brit Hume will soon be heard saying, "John Boehner, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."
Um, That article was from three days ago.

Seems like nothing has happened yet to hurt the GOP.
Oh Charles, how I do wish/hope you are right.

But.... reality always seems to play out differently. You see, we liberals/democrats/independents always (ALWAYS) believe that logic and rational thinking will prevail and win out, and be reflected in the voting records of conservatives/republicans. Problem is it rarely, if ever, it does.

Frankly, I don't believe a conservative candidate would lose conservative votes, even if there was proof the candidate ate new born babies. We liberals/independents and Democrats always underestimate the blind eye conservatives turn when voting for a candidate with a (R) behind their name. Logic and rational thinking never enters into the equation, when casting their votes.

Take David Vitter and Barney Frank for instance. They hate Mr Frank, though he lives his life openly and honestly, yet they love Vitter, despite his secret life of patronizing prostitutes (which to me is as anti-traditional family values as one can get). But Vitter continues to win. And, that is neither logical or rational, in my opinion.
ah girls
the continuing clueless delusional self deceit is soooo sad-

repete, sí vous plait:

Disaster for the GOP? I'll toast to that. I'd love to see this over-sized oompah-loompah lambasted.
@13 How true. Remember, you're dealing with people who literally believe in talking donkeys and demon possessed pigs!
THERE ARE NO DISASTERS FOR THE GOP. EVER. They gleefully ignore scandals that would sink Democrat candidates. Boehner will continue as if nothing has happened, and will be the next Speaker of the House and very possibly President.
The problem is this: Republicans don't vote based on facts. They don't even vote based on what they read or (really) what they're told.

Republicans vote based on what they WANT to believe. What they WANT to be true. That's how you get trailer-trash voting to extend tax cuts for millionaires -- they honestly believe that's going to be them someday and, when that day comes, they don't want to pay taxes on their millions.

Boehner might have had an affair and he might not have. Your average Republican voter isn't going to care, though, because they don't want to believe it, so clearly it never happened . . .
I'm positively tingly. Wouldn't in be great if Boehner, the man that would be speaker, actually sinks the whole fucking Republican party this November.
People don't switch their votes because of sexual scandals, otherwise Bill Clinton would have never been re-elected after Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers. People vote according to who they see can better handle the enconomy. Please make a note of it Charles.
It's Ok If You're A Republican. Amen #17.
I can't believe the story of Boehner's affair with a lobbyist broke before the story of his obvious and long-running affair with Chester Cheetah.
They don't care, as long as he isn't gay.
And even if he had a gay affair, he would just say that God forgives him, and they would go on supporting him, and even blame the gays for trying to ruin him.
It's difficult for me to believe that a man that constipated-looking could be having sex. Hearing either of those two Ohio-Kentucky Republican power-houses pontificating on any issue (Boehner-McConnell) makes for an effective emetic...like Ipecac. Is that how they purge themselves of their shamelessness and patent dishonesty?
@24: You win this thread.
Everyone read that unregistered!
Thanks for alerting me venomlash, it really is the post of the thread (perhaps the day). You win a shiny new internet.