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Some very good news from an old friend of mine and Terry's just arrived via email:

Watching "It Gets Better" last night made me cry a lot. It also reminded me of all of the lessons that I've learned (many from you, Savage) that have made me a better, more caring teacher. Interestingly (and wonderfully), I got the video last night from a school board member of the Edmonds School District. She had posted it on her fb wall as a must-see piece. Today, however, you two just wouldn't go away:

• A peer from Denver sent me the link.

• A teacher from my son's theater camp in NY sent me the link.

• An 11th grader at school mentioned the cool video he "saw on fb last night" and wanted to know if I wanted a link (it was his first attempt at talking to me).

• And this afternoon another teacher—this time in Illinois—wanted me to see it.

None of these people—none—knew that I knew you both. They just wanted me to see this amazing piece on YouTube and wanted me to share it.

Another email from another friend:

On my drive home I talked to my friend April who lives in rural Minnesota, on the Wisconsin border. Without my mentioning it she brought up the "It Gets Better" project and said it was spreading like wildfire around where she lives. She said folks are making sure to post it on Facebook, to twitter it, etc. So you definitely are reaching those locations.

It's working.