There are six of them this year (plus one referendum). Confusing! But now the group Protect Washington thinks it has come up with an easy way to help you sort the gems from the trash: Yes on two of these things (the ones that help "The People Of Washington") and no on the rest of them (the ones that help "The Big $pecial Interests").


Or maybe you prefer a heroes vs. villains narrative? Toby Crittenden of Washington Bus has your heroes vs. villains narrative:

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This election is hugely important for Washington State. In an initiative field over-crowded with villains, there are two heroes—R 52 and I-1098—which, when they pass, will move Washington towards a better and more sustainable future.

What's going on here is a scramble for some easy way to help voters make a choice on all of these complicated measures all at once, in one simple swoop. Everyone knows, however, that the easiest way to make your decision simple is to listen to what the Stranger Election Control Board has to say. Coming soon...