Okay everybody... Only 16 more days till the October 15th HUMP! deadline. SIXTEEN! That's only a little more than 2 weeks! Time's-a-tickin'. Did you know that HUMP! has free classifieds? Here's an ad, looking for a fellow. For a nice film that's like a Woody Allen flick, but with fucking...

Calling all TOPS! I need one more top actor for my HUMP film. We're shooting Oct 2. There are 3 guys in the script. Two have been cast, one top and one super-bottom. Join us for a fun and funny script, a comedy of errors - like Woody Allen with fucking! C'mon, be a porn star for a day. Send pics (headshot or nudes). I'm happy to send the script to interested actors. CONTACT HERE

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Also, not sure if, as a porn-star-for-a-day, you'd want a hairy chest or a shaved one... If it's the latter, please watch this helpful SFW video.