Sometimes it feels like one of the hardest parts of organizing your home or apartment is simply getting started. Questionlander seattle firefly knows this and has asked this week's home-improvement panel for help:

"I have boxes of files that need to be gone through hidden under a pretty throw, but I know it would be so much nicer to have that space free and open in the apartment. What do you do when you know you have a task in the home but aren't feeling so motivated to tackle it?"

Our organizing experts in Questionland have some great advice. Beth Award, who has spent years helping people de-clutter their lives, says:

I can get motivated by giving myself a timeframe (I'm going to sit here for 30 minutes), and since I'm also motivated by treats (after 30 minutes I get a cupcake) that really helps. Ultimately, I'm motivated to do more by the good feeling I get from looking at the place where the pile used to be and seeing clear space/my favorite picture/a shiny surface.

I also recommend hauling in a good-natured friend (or hiring someone) who has a talent for helping you make decisions without a lot of yelling or threats. That's basically how I started doing what I do: it was a friend's out-of-control t-shirt collection that helped me discover my "talent."

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And here's one more little motivational tool, for those of you who are neglecting your chores: