Can you smell that smell? An "pungent broccoli-type" odor has permeated the area surrounding the Ballard bridge, reports And for your local blog comment of the day:

AtWorkCat 13 hours ago
This is news?

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This is a comment?

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Beacon Hill Blog is impressed with an impromptu farmers market that appears to have sprung up on Friday in the parking lot along Beacon near the VA hospital. Proving that the internet is wonderfully terrible, discussion amongst the commentariat veers from lousy tax cheat vendors, to lousy anonymous commenters, to the lousy Greeks and their lousy foundation of Western Thought. Whew! Who knew vegetables could be so exciting and controversial!

From the Central District, we have news that summer crime is down significantly. According to stats from June and July, property and violent crimes are way down when compared to the same periods in 2009:

Assaults: down 10%
Robberies: down 25%
Burglaries: down 25%
Theft: down 10%
Auto Theft: down 22%

This summer also been very non summer-like in other ways. According to weather guru Cliff Mass, we have had fewer +70 degree days than any summer since 1980.

As we move from a shitty summer to a shitty fall, the Highland Park Outlander is urging residents to pick up their free sandbags from Seattle Public Utilities. Starting on Friday, October 15th, SPU will be making up to 25 sandbags available per household at locations around Seattle. This winter will be a La Niña period translating into more snow and rain, following last year's stormy transition into newer, less experienced mayors. The Outlander would like to remind you that "sandbags must be used with caution because it is illegal to divert water to your neighboring properties."