Asher Brown was brutally bullied by his classmates at a middle school in the Cy-Fair Independent School District—he subject to constant verbal and physical assault—and not one of his tormenters were ever punished, no one was suspended, no one was expelled. Asher Brown, in despair, took his own life.

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But it turns out that there is something a middle school student in the Cy-Fair Independent School District can do to get suspended:

A 13-year-old [honor-roll student] was suspended from school after she was accused of threatening her teacher. Her family says it's a misunderstanding under a zero tolerance policy. Bleyl Middle School student Taylor Trostle and her parents say it's a classroom game that got her kicked out of school, and now has her labeled as a "terrorist."

Taylor was wearing an NYPD shirt at school. She says in the last moments of math class, she and some friends were pretending to be police officers. "I was shooting the markers at the front of the board," Taylor Trostle said. "It was just like this and I was like 'pow pow' and then she just turned around."

Taylor was sent to the principal's office and immediately suspended for three days. Her write up says the finger gun was pointed in the teacher's direction. "That was considered a terroristic threat because the teacher feared for her life," Kristin Trostle said.

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Point a finger at a teacher and you'll be labeled a "terrorist threat" and you'll get suspended. Physically assault a slight gay boy—for months and months, eventually driving that boy to suicide—and you'll get away with it.

Once again: email the Cy-Fair Independent School District Board of Trustees at Ask them what they're doing to address the bullying in their school district. You can call them at (281) 897-4000. The Cy-Fair ISD's website is here.