Is the creepy Droid Eye watching you?
  • Is the creepy Droid Eye watching you?
Engadget says that a recent study has proven that 15 of a sample of 30 of the most popular apps for the Android phone are surreptitiously sending GPS information "and/or other unique identifiers (IMEI numbers, phone numbers, SIM numbers, etc.)" to advertisers.

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This would be a reason why Apple having a stringent app approval process could be seen as beneficial. And it could be a reason why Amazon is opening their own Android app store. But Slashgear says that Amazon's deal with app developers will be a strict one: Besides the $99 annual fee for developers, developers won't be allowed to sell the apps cheaper (or debut them earlier) in any other app store. In addition, Amazon might require developers to install DRM software in the apps.

The question is whether consumers would feel safer going to Amazon, rather than buying their apps from Google's own laissez faire marketplace, where things like secret spying are apparently a matter of course.

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