The title of this post, of course, is the question humanity asks when presented with a new piece of technology. And unsurprisingly, Slate reports that smut is climbing up the Kindle charts. Right now, an erotica novel titled Compromising Positions (about a fitness-company CEO who falls for a "Sensational Sex workout" instructor) is edging out Franzen's Freedom for the most popular Kindle book.

The description of books that are dominating the Kindle right now are pure gold:

Take, for example, a novel called Office Slave, in which an attractive female CFO is found to be embezzling from her manufacturing company. Rather than go to prison, she agrees to her boss's demand to become the company's sex slave. She is forced to wear slutty (or no) clothing at work; he films her in intimate acts; he instructs male coworkers to beat her physically for perceived transgressions; and she has sex with everyone imaginable, including factory workers (to reward productivity gains), prospective customers (to secure new contracts), a coworker (as a retirement gift), teenage boys (who deliver lunch to the office), etc. And—whaddya know?—no matter how physically abused and mentally degraded she is, she finds she actually enjoys it.

Anybody who didn't see this coming has no idea how the human mind works.