Earlier this year, Utah legislators voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill that would criminalize miscarriages in the state. Now Utah Governor Gary Herbert is poised to sign into law a measure that could make women criminally liable for being in abusive relationships, car accidents, or other "reckless" situations that result in miscarriages.

Here's how: The bill changes the definition of (legal) abortion to any procedure "carried out by a physician or through a substance used under the direction of a physician." Everything else that terminates a pregnancy falls under the umbrella of illegal abortions—including miscarriages. Furthermore, lawmakers would revise Utah's Criminal Code to make illegal abortions that are the result of the "intentional, knowing or reckless act of the woman" grounds for criminal homicide.

For example, if a pregnant woman gets into a car accident while not wearing her seat belt and suffers a miscarriage, she could be charged with reckless homicide, according to Utah's chapter of the ACLU. Same goes for women who suffer miscarriages as a result of domestic violence. But it gets worse. Because, you see, under this new law, women in Utah would be forced to defend their miscarriages—which are a common, natural part of pregnancy—as lawful.

From the ACLU via Daily Kos:

...this bill changes the presumption that abortions obtained in this state are legal. If this bill is signed into law, women in this state will essentially be in the uncomfortable and unfortunate position of having to prove that abortions they obtain (or miscarriages that they suffer) are not unlawful.

A woman who fails to wear a seatbelt and is in a car accident could be charged with reckless homicide, should she miscarry. Likewise, a woman who has a substance abuse problem is likely to forego necessary prenatal care out of fear that she could be prosecuted for "knowing" or "reckless" homicide by continuing to use illegal substances while pregnant.