A few days ago, the Cato Institute published a white paper (by a Harvard economist and an NYU business school doctoral candidate) on how state, local, and federal governments could save a lot of money and make a lot of money by ending the drug war. No real surprises here, especially since the Cato Institute is a libertarian think-tank.

But if you want economic evidence for your next drug-war debate (make great Thanksgiving-dinner conversation this year!), the paper is here.


If you prefer home movies to white papers, here's a video sent to Blog del Narco of some narco foot soldiers hanging out, eating tacos, and then hanging a propaganda banner from a highway overpass in the middle of the afternoon while aiming their guns at passing motorists and singing a chirpy song:

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Bonus trivia: The "sicarios" ("hit men" or "cutthroats") referenced in the video got their name from the sicarii, ancient Jewish zealots/assassins who specialized at traveling through big crowds, stabbing Romans and Roman sympathizers with hidden daggers (sicae) and disappearing.