This week's Police Beat by Charles Mudede:

West Seattle/Sun Sept 12/4:35 am

Officer Douglas Jorgensen reports: "I was dispatched to an armed robbery of a convenience store located at Admiral Way in the city of Seattle. Upon arrival, I contacted the victim inside of the store. The victim was the only one on duty at the time. He stated that he was behind the counter when three W/Ms wearing ski masks came into the store. Suspect one had a black revolver and pointed it at him... [and] told the clerk to give him the money. The victim opened the till for suspect one and gave him its contents. Suspect one then took the wallet from victim's back pocket, several packs of Swisher Sweets cigars, and some cigarettes. All three suspects then fled out the front door and northbound on 44th Avenue Southwest. All three suspects were wearing ski masks and possibly gloves."

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The garment called a "ski mask" is in desperate need of a name change. For reasons that are obvious to everyone in the English-speaking world, the thing should be called a "robbery mask." Whenever you see a man of any color wearing a ski mask, you do not think "skier," you think "armed and dangerous thief."

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