"Stem Cell Breathrough": "Study shows progress in creating stem cells without using embryos."

Nancy Wilson of Heart with the Seattle Symphony, October 30
The legendary guitar virtuoso takes the stage at Benaroya Hall for one night only - get your tickets here!

They Might Cause Genital Bleeding: One of the many reasons Fisher-Price is recalling more than 10 million tricycles, toys and high chairs.

"Phantom Recall": "Johnson & Johnson executives and the Food and Drug Administration shouldered the blame Thursday for a secret recall in which hired contractors quietly bought up defective painkillers to clear them from store shelves."

"A Tragic Hunting Accident": Hunters turn themselves in to Mason County Police after fatally shooting a man they mistook for a bear.

Speaking of Bears: A Bellevue councilman continues to recover from the bear attack that cost him an eye.

This Man Is a Hero: "The head of the Washington state Potato Commission said he's sick of people linking spuds to junk food. So, starting Friday, Chris Voight said he's going to eat nothing for 60 days except potatoes. Twenty plain potatoes a day. And no cheating with cheese toppings or bacon bits."

Today in Lawyers Filing Lawsuits: "A California lawyer has sued his former employer for allegedly docking his pay after he refused to sign up for a weekend-long "New Warrior" personal-development seminar that included men disrobing and passing around a wooden phallus."

Look at This Photo: Of what happened yesterday in California.

Would You Like to See a Bunch of Pictures of Old-Time Movie Actresses Talking on the Phone and Waving?: Go here.

That Sounds Terrific!: Paris Hilton to star in new reality show with Charlie Sheen's wife.

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And finally, happy birthday to Julie Andrews, the world's loveliest nun and nanny, born on this day in 1935. Here's her performance of what is perhaps the greatest song ever written about a lonely goatherd, which she performs with Muppets.

Winter Starts Now is coming to the Seattle area November 2 - 24!
Warren Miller’s 72nd film travels from California to Colorado, to Maine, and up the coast of Alaska. Get tickets at warrenmiller.com.