I've been watching and posting videos pretty much around the clock for a week. And when I haven't been watching and posting videos, I've been on the radio or TV talking about Billy and Justin and Cody and Seth and Tyler and now Raymond. Feeling a little raw, a little worn down, a little weepy, I shut the computer off and went for a walk. I needed some light and I needed some beauty.

There's a pretty county courthouse in the middle of Bloomington, and there's an obelisk on the grounds. The obelisk, a war memorial, is made of Indiana limestone, and it dates back to the 19th century. Limestone is pretty porous and this is where I'm supposed to say that "time hasn't been kind" to the war memorial outside the Monroe County Courthouse. But I think time has been more than kind to it—I think time has been transformative. There are carved reliefs around the base of the obelisk and time—and wind and rain and pollution—have transformed each relief into a little masterpiece of abstract art.

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Thank you, time, wind, rain, and pollution. I needed that.

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