Dirty Sanchez: After calling Jon Stewart a bigot and ranting about the Jews that control cable television, Rick Sanchez is unceremoniously fired from CNN.

Is There a Hallmark Card for 'Sorry I Gave You Syphilis'?: The US apologized this week for an experimental program in the 1940's that infected nearly 700 Guatemalan prisoners and mental patients with syphilis for medical research. In their apology Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Health and Human Serivices Kathleen Sebelius admitted that there is no statute of limitations on the violation of human rights in medical research.

Maybe Someone Just Doesn't Like Hamburgers: A Manette resident told police he was offended by the "sexual nature" of a defaced Norm Dicks campaign poster.

Medication Errors at Children's Hospital: After two children died within days of each other, attention is called to the widely underreported problem of prescription drug errors in hospitals. Both of the deaths are thought to be linked to an error in the administration of prescriptions.

Peeping Professor Caught in the Act: A drama department professor at Green River Community College was caught trying to videotape a student while she was changing her clothes. In a story for the school newspaper, a former student called the professor "creeptastic."

Druids Granted Equal Rights in Britain: Brits can now make tax deductible contributions to the "Druid Network." No word yet from bratty Druish Princesses.

Drone Attacks Kill 18 in Pakistan: Tension continues to mount as NATO forces fight the Taliban in Pakistan.

Bank of America Puts Freeze on Foreclosure Proceedings: The country's largest mortgage lender has decided to halt all foreclosures while it reviews documents for errors.

Somebody Call Guinness: Iraq passed the Netherlands on Friday for longest stretch without a government, after 208 days of negotiations have failed to produce a ruling coalition.

And finally, we honor the illustrious career of Rick Sanchez with this clip of his ace reporting:

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