According to Politico, I've been promoted to Editor of the Stranger.

Several posts on, a blog edited by Seattle liberal activist David Goldstein, fanned the story late last month.

And as we all know, if it's in Politico, it's gotta be true.

Wow. Of course I looked down upon everybody else writing here at Slog—who doesn't?—but I never expected to climb the editorial ranks at Stranger so fast. But don't you worry, Chris, I think I can scrape up enough budget to pay you on a per-post basis; we'll talk on Monday. And Dominic... go get me a cup of coffee.

As for the larger controversy concerning Rep. Dave Reichert's brain, and whether a severe head injury has left him with any more of an intellectual disability than usual, well, Politico confirms my report that these rumors have been circulating for months, though as you might expect, Reichert denies them:

“People are spinning this into I’m mentally incapacitated somehow because of this trauma that I suffered to my skull and bruised my brain; it makes me angry...”

Yeah, silly me for wondering if a "bruised brain" might incapacitate one mentally. Oh... and you know what else can make somebody angry? A traumatic brain injury. I'm just sayin'.

Of course, all Reichert needs to do to dispel these rumors is to accept Suzan DelBene's challenge to a public debate, wherein he spontaneously answers unscripted questions in a cogent and articulate manner, without, you know, hitting anybody. Otherwise, I can almost guarantee that the speculation will continue.