Seth Stambaugh, a 23-year-old teacher in Beaverton, Oregon, (eight miles outside of Portland) is asked by a fourth-grader why he's not married, and he tells the truth—that he hearts men, and man-on-man marriage is illegal. A parent overhears, complains, and Stambaugh is reassigned to another school.

Via the Advocate:

Maureen Wheeler, a spokeswoman for the Beaverton School District, said the decision was not discriminatory but based on the Stambaugh's "professional judgment and age appropriateness." She added that the school district enforces its antidiscrimination policy and trains its faculty and staff on LGBT issues.

I don't buy it. If Stambaugh had been straight, his answer wouldn't have sparked a complaint or an issue of "professional judgment or age appropriateness" within the school district. The school district is sending a clear message to its LGBT teachers and teachers-in-training that they're not allowed to be honest when asked direct questions posed by curious students.

Same-sex couples are fighting for their right to marry. Assuming Stambaugh didn't follow up his honest response with a stick-figure doodle of how buttsex is executed, he didn't reveal anything that any fourth-grader couldn't have discovered online or in a newspaper.

Stambaugh is finishing his master's degree in elementary education at Lewis & Clark College. He's said he will comply with the move to another school district. Here's hoping they move him to Portland.