Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports on a rash of commercial burglaries on Capitol Hill that happened over the weekend—including at the Roanoke Tavern and at Linda's Tavern.

But Linda Derschang says the burglary at Linda's Tavern was minor. "It was such a small amount of money," she says, "nothing was broken and no one was hurt. It wasn't a big deal, as far as break-ins go."

Derschang says that someone entered through a back door early Sunday morning. The tavern has a burglar alarm but the sensor on this door was apparently broken. The burglary was reported to police when the morning shift arrived and discovered a busted door. "We didn't realize [the alarm] was broken," she says, "but honestly, the most important thing is that no employees were there and no one was hurt. That's what you fear most as a business owner."

Linda's is open for regular business today.