It's baaaack. In case you're just joining us, the reading party consists of nothing more than people silently reading whatever they feel like reading in those big comfy chairs in the Fireside Room at the Sorrento, while the fire roars and the waitstaff comes around to offer a variety of drinks and snacks. So much better than reading at home, being all lonely.

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It will now be the first Wednesday of every month. (It used to be every other week, which was impossible to remember.) Last spring, novelist Gary Shteyngart stopped by and later said nice things about it in an interview with Terry Gross on NPR. So we can't stop now.

This year we're gonna have special guests. This Wednesday: actress and performer Sarah Rudinoff, nightlife entrepreneur Linda Derschang, and musician John Roderick. Considering the silent reading party is silent and all, you are discouraged from talking, but you will be freely encouraged to pass notes. Maybe we'll have a stack of blank little pieces of paper this time. It's from 6 pm to 9 pm. It's free. Bring whatever you feel like reading.