Here's Paul Constant on Facebook: The Movie:

Jesse Eisenberg elevates his game to the stratosphere in this movie. After audiences see his Mark Zuckerberg, nobody will ever be able to consider Eisenberg the dorky leading man you call when you can't afford Michael Cera. From the first scene, he's riveting in the way he treats everything—love, success, friendship—like a computer program, a solvable problem. Eisenberg's Zuckerberg isn't quite a sociopath, he's just got a binary brain—he refutes the Winklevosses' claims of theft by saying, "If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd've invented Facebook," and you can see that he believes it to be exactly that simple. He's not quite human, and he's not sure if he wants all the bother and baggage that comes with being human, either.

I saw The Social Network over the weekend and I wholeheartedly concur. It's the kind of fascinating, obsessive endurance challenge that both Fincher and Sorkin excel at. Read the rest of Paul's review here.

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Also, Paul's best line:

Sometimes you can't explain precisely how a character is fucked, but he is most certainly fucked. This is because the language of being fucked is universal.